jf RDP Server/Client
jfRDP is a remote desktop server/client for Windows Vista or better (any edition).
It uses the Windows Desktop Sharing API (the same that is used in Remote Assistance).
Written in Java and part of the JavaForce SDK.

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Q:Is it compatible with the Microsoft RDP client (mstsc.exe)?
A:No. Although Windows Desktop Sharing is based on RDP it is not compatible with it.

Q:How does it work?
A:It uses Windows Desktop Sharing API (based on RDP) which is a server/client based protocol. The RDP server generates a connection token that the RDP client needs to connect with. In order to send this token over a network (or internet) jfRDP has an embedded secure web server listening on port 33001. The jfRDP client connects to the web server and retrieves this token and then starts an RDP Viewer that connects to the RDP Server.

Q:What ports does it use?
A:TCP ports 33001 (web) and 33002 (rdp).

Q:Is full screen supported?
A:Yes, press CTRL+ALT+BREAK to toggle full-screen mode.